What do you wish you had known before walking into marriage? Authors Greg and Julie Gorman talk about what we should know before tying the knot, and the steps that lead to a healthy marriage.

Greg shares his perspective on the early years of their marriage. After difficult fights and communication, things came to a head and both of them realized things needed to change.

“As Julie began to surrender herself and surrender me to God, it softened my heart. It changed the whole game – because we could connect now. It takes two to tango but it takes one person to step out and change the scene so transformation can begin.”

Here are a few things Greg and Julie offer for couples and those contemplating marriage:

• Tame your tongue.

• Don’t believe the devil’s lies.

• Put all of your attention on the fix instead of the problem.

• Be quick to forgive. Julie shares what she’s learned from forgiving her father after ongoing abuse.

“The question isn’t whether or not we have the opportunity to forgive; the question is whether or not we’ll take it. We all have areas – and to love in spite of those things and recognize the true enemy. I think that’s another part that has helped me walk out layers of forgiveness.”

• Let go of unrealistic expectations.

• Your spouse has parts of their story that have wounded and shaped them. Tread carefully and listen to understand before casting judgment.

• Know this: your marriage is not too hard for God to fix.

We can trust God with our marriage, our job, our finances, our families, and our futures. Julie and Greg call us to remember Who it is we worship.

“God is for us. He is for marriage. He is for restoration. Our healing can spill out on others.”

Key Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 4:2

Featured Songs: Flawless by MercyMe; Made New by Lincoln Brewster; Your Grace Finds Me by Matt Redman

Highlight : What happened when Julie surrendered

What to know before saying ‘I do’

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