Can we really believe Jesus rose from the dead? On the Monday edition of Live the Promise guest host Bill Arnold talks with author, apologist and former homicide detective Jim Warner Wallace about the evidence for the Christian faith. Jim’s book is .

Jim shares why he approaches the Christian faith in this way.

“We can make a case for what we believe. I’ve tried to re-couch this in a way that is easier to understand. I still work as a consultant with the Los Angeles DA’s office but most of the time I’m working as a Christian case-maker. For us as Christians, this is not [merely] an option. Being a Christian is synonymous with being a Christian case-maker.”

Jim and Bill explore

• The new atheism.

• How to humbly but confidently engage unbelievers.

• Common objections to Christianity.

• Simple steps to examining your faith.

– Don’t be a know-it-all
– Look at the word selection used in each passage
– Do your research

Jim leaves us with final thoughts on the importance of sorting out your worldview.

“We’re in a soundbite, Twitter, 140-character culture… the first thing we’re assessing [in any interaction] is how much time this will take. We have to not sacrifice the truth based on brevity but become rhetorically powerful – figure out what your case is and distill it down to pique people’s interest enough to carry them into the next conversation. If we don’t capture them quickly, we won’t have the opportunity to make the case. Have an investigative approach.”

Jim also has a word for those who wrestle with fear in explaining their faith.

“So many Christians are not quite sure how to make the case – the minute they get challenged, they go into fight or flight mode. Gentleness comes from confidence once you know how strong your case is.”

Key Scriptures: 1 Peter 3:15; Matthew 28; Luke 1:1-4; 1 John 5:13

Theme Song: What If by Nichole Nordeman

Highlight : Think like a detective

How do we know that Christianity is true?