Marriage experts Bill and Pam Farrel say if you’re single, you should focus on being an influencer and embracing your purpose.

“I’m convinced that God created every person on earth to have influence; I don’t believe God created filler anywhere on earth.” – Bill Farrel

Married or single, young or old, we are all designed to have an influence on someone whether through a one-on-one relationship, a small group, or a large group setting.

Many people object and say they don’t want to be a role model or have influence over anyone else. However, influencing people in this interconnected generation is unavoidable.

Not wanting to be a role model is denying what it means to be human, because all of us are role models to somebody.”

We have no choice but to be a role model to those around us. As a result, Bill suggests we should embrace it and seek to be the most positive influence we can be.

“When we view our life through that lens, it helps us become the best that we can be but it also gets us in sync with the way God created us, and we start to admit the obvious rather than fight against it.”

Embrace your purpose

Embracing our purpose is another sure-fire strategy to achieve happiness and joy in this life. Pam recounts a story of her friend who found a meaningful life in her singleness because she shared the Gospel through outdoor adventures.

“She lives out God’s adventure for her life; she’s not sitting around feeling sorry for herself, and she’s making a difference.” – Pam Farrel

What if God does bring us a companion?

God gives us spouses to accompany and support us as we pursue our God-given purpose in life. A spouse is a gift and a tool to help us fulfill that purpose. God does not call us to make that relationship our purpose on earth.

First and foremost, our purpose is to be a follower of Jesus Christ, fulfilling His calling for our lives. As single Christians, we should focus on pursuing Christ and His purpose for our lives and wait for Him to lead us to the next place of sanctification.

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Key Scriptures: James 1:5

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