When your place of worship becomes a place of combat, miscommunication, and betrayal, it can forever change the way you view and interact with the body of Christ. Stephen Mansfield encourages those who have been hurt by the church.

Stephen shares from his own experience of being betrayed and maligned while transitioning out of leadership at a church.

“I went through what many people do… it helped me understand what was going on with people who had been wounded.”

Stephen points out that according to George Barna, 40 percent of the “un-churched” in America are actually hardened and embittered former church members.

Stephen and Susie break down a process for releasing bitterness and walking with a healed spirit.

• Be honest about what has happened to you.

• Own your part of the offense and repent of it.

• Pray for those who have hurt you.

• Choose to allow God to use this season to teach you to have compassion for others.

• Understand that some of the people you’ve bumped into may never reconcile with you.

• When you’re able to remember what happened without reliving it and having the bitterness or anger return, you’re on the path to healing.

When is the right time to leave a church? Stephen lays out a few general principles – in cases of abuse, in cases of job transition, or cases of outright heresy. What about the rest of the situations?

“What we need to do is find the coaches who are right for us. You’ll know you’re on the right team when the coaches are able to equip you to do what you are called to do.”

Stephen’s story is found in his book, .

Key Scriptures: Genesis 50:20

Featured Songs: Here I Am by Jeremy Camp; Sinking Ships (Rescue Has Come) by Lincoln Brewster; He Knows by Jeremy Camp

Highlight : Words for those who are caught in bitterness

Healing your church hurt