In the aftermath of abortion, only Jesus can bring true healing. Listen as radio host Kim Ketola shares how God healed her from the pain of a past abortion and is using her story and music to minister to others.

“I believed that it wasn’t a child, even though I knew that it was. I believed abortion would solve my problem, but it didn’t. Not only had I transgressed the moral law [by having sex outside of marriage], but now I had transgressed the law against shedding innocent blood. These things are written in our hearts.” Kim’s relationship with God felt severely damaged but she found healing and forgiveness. “One of the biggest things that happened for me that led to healing and freedom was to hear the truth – was to hear it proclaimed, in church, with the pro-life message.”

She shares her message in her book, , and outlines

• The lies she struggled to overcome.

• How shame is tightly connected to abortion.

• How God led her to start Cradle My Heart and share her story with thousands of listeners each week.

• Why the truth of Scripture and the love of Christ can bring full healing.

• How to minister to those who have walked through abortion.

Kim points all those who are hurting to the ultimate truth.

“We can rejoice in what great value He has placed on us, to shed His own blood for us.” Kim worked through her healing by naming the child she had chosen to abort and finding peace in the truth that her child – named Emmanuel – was with the Lord. “His life still has meaning – the truth of his existence has changed people’s minds and hearts on this issue of abortion.”

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 61:1; Psalm 51; Mark 5:20

Featured Songs: Let Love Love You by Kim Ketola; Miracle by Kim Ketola; Sight Unseen by Kim Ketola

Highlight : Kim’s own story, and the lies she believed

Healing after abortion