God is constantly prompting His people to walk in faith.When we act in faith, God blesses us. We heard over 50 stories of you stepping out to bless those in your community this Christmas season.

Deana and Doug are two such people who responded to God’s prompting.

Deana is a flight attendant and has been flying for 25 years. She shares her story.

 “I was on a layover in San Diego last week and I woke up. I felt like God said, I want you to gather up some of the stuff in your hotel room, and some of the stuff that you have in your bag, and make a little care package. Go out and find a homeless person to give it to.’

Deana called a friend and asked her to pray that God would direct her to the right person.

“I felt like I should get a cup of hot water, and some tea bags, and cream and sugar. So I packaged up my banana, an apple, and granola bars, and water. I went out with my hot water and walked down to the store.

The water was starting to get cold and I just remember saying, ‘Lord, You need to tell me who this person is.”

God led her to a woman sitting outside, on the corner.

“She was probably forty-five years old. I told her, God never asked me to do this before, but I felt like He wanted you to know that He sees you, and this is for you.’

The woman started to cry and was deeply grateful for the package. Deana gave a New Testament to the woman with some special verses highlighted. Eventually Deana needed to leave.

“As I left I just called out across the street ‘What’s your name?’ and she said, ‘My name’s Maddy.’ And I just thought, how cool, God. You sent me out to let Maddy know that You see her.”

Doug also took a step of faith; for him, this one was closer to home.

“I was at Bible study and we went into prayer time. And one of the people in our Bible study mentioned that he needed fifty dollars to be able to buy medication that his wife needed.

And it just so happened that I had stopped at the ATM on the way to Bible study.

“It hit me that, well, God is never late, never early; He’s always right on time. I’ve got the resource, he’s got the need, and so I must be being called to provide for his need. So I gave him the fifty dollars after Bible study.”

In Doug’s words, God in the business of answering prayers.

“He’s always with us, He always hears our prayers. He just wants all of us to know that together we can make it through anything with Him.”

Key Scriptures: Proverbs 11:25

Featured Songs: Christmas Time Again by Steven Curtis Chapman; Christmas Is Here by Danny Gokey; It’s Christmas by Mandisa; Adore by Chris Tomlin; Emmanuel, Hallowed Manger Ground by Chris Tomlin; Noel by Darlene Zschech

Highlight : God is in the business of answering prayers

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