This week, we in the West mark the Resurrection of Christ – but the world still has many upheavals. On this edition of Grace and Truth, Craig von Buseck gives us background on the nuclear negotiations with Iran, the religious freedom conversations happening in Indiana, and the state of the church in Kenya.

Craig offers this context for Grace and Truth. “The news, in a way, is God’s to-do list in prayer on a daily basis. Everything you see in the news can be prayed for. As the Holy Spirit stirs up our hearts, it’s our job to step out and pray ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.'”


“We’re making an agreement with a nation that has shown itself time and time again to not keep its promises.” Craig lists a few issues that are now coming to the surface – there are discrepancies and outright contradictions between the U.S. and Iranian fact sheets on the agreement.

• Pray that the Senate would actively review the nuclear deal.

• Pray for wisdom for President Obama and the other leaders involved in the process.

• Pray for the church in Iran to be bold and unified in the face of persecution.

Indiana, Arkansas, and religious freedom

“There’s been concern primarily from the homosexual community that there would be discrimination against them as a result of these laws being passed. Almost immediately after a major backlash, the laws were amended in both states. If you’ve got a business, you are not allowed to discriminate.” Craig references a bakery that wouldn’t prepare a wedding cake for a gay couple – under this amended law, the baker would not be allowed to operate within his conscience. He would be required to support the couple’s wedding or pay a fine.

• Pray for grace.

• Pray that Christians would love those who are spiritually blind.

• Pray that we would turn walls of opposition into bridges of understanding.


Craig points out that Russia has started flexing its military muscles in recent months, including hacking a White House computer this week.

• Pray that there would be a restoration of humility to Russia.

• Pray that God would raise up His leaders in Russia.

• Pray for the strength of the Russian church.

Key Scriptures: Proverbs 3:5-6; John 1:14, 17

Theme Song: We Must Not by Selah

Highlight : Russia’s aggression

Grace and Truth: Indiana, Iran, and Russia