God has the power to set us free from addictions. Listen as Susie welcomes Rich Sherber of Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge to the studio to talk about the healing power of God and share testimonies of how He’s moved.

Rich is joined by Kevin, who shares his story. “I graduated from Bethel [University.] Over the last seven years I was using prescription pain killers. You kind of justify it in your head by saying you’re not really using [hard] drugs.” Eventually he turned to heroin. “It’s always worse the next week than it was before. I used to make vows to myself that I would never tell a soul or give it up.” Kevin estimates he spent around $80,000 over three years on heroin. He finally ended up in treatment and God met him in a powerful way. “I pray for the group – as a group we’re growing and moving along.”

Gina has a powerful testimony as well. She started smoking pot and acting out in her early teens. After twelve felony convictions and a combined total of six years in custody, God did a work in her heart. “I learned who Jesus Christ is, and the most important thing I learned is who I am in Christ – not [defined by] my crimes, not my past. I was able to be a new person.”

Lisa had a battle with alcoholism. “I was drinking every day. I had a full time job; I was able to function while I was drinking.” After losing her job and children, God broke in. “I had family members who had pointed me towards Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge but I thought I could do it [without treatment]… I just know that God is there. He’s with me right now.”

Carrie shared her own story of alcoholism which only recently turned to treatment. “I came into Teen Challenge a few months ago and here I am.”

Rich urges those who are addicted – or even questioning if they are – to get help. “Where you have desperation and Jesus shows up, you have miracles.”

Key Scriptures: 1 John 3:16; Revelation 21:5

Theme Song: No Other Name by Hillsong Worship

Highlight : We’re healed in order to help others

God’s power over addiction