God’s judgments are meant to be acts of mercy. Listen as Jeff Kinley of Main Thing Ministries returns and unpacks how God’s mercy is shown even in the story of Noah and the flood.

Jeff lists a number of parallels between the society of Noah’s day and our own society today.

1. Self-ruling people who defy and deny God. “We get to the point that Isaiah wrote about where we’re calling evil good, and good evil. It’s more of a gradual thing – as we calibrate our hearts to Christ, we have to do that daily.” Even believers are prone to wander; Jeff calls us to daily focus on God’s Word and keep it as our standard.

2. Rampant sexual immorality.

3. Massive abuse of women and children.

4. Unjust murders.

5. Apostasy.

Jeff calls us to recognize and exert our influence as restrainers.

“Evil is not passive. Satan’s agenda is not static but strategic. It’s getting worse but at the same time Christians are making great progress in keeping things from being as evil as they can be.”

What can we do?

• Pray.

• Repent. “The only way to change a nation is to change the heart of people in that nation.”

• Use your influence where you’re living.

“Look at your sphere of influence and ask, who can I touch with the gospel? God has His people everywhere. There is not a section of the world where God has not placed His people.”

Jeff points out that we can have hope because of Jesus and His promise to return.

“This is the most exciting time for us to live. I look at the world with such hope and positivity because of who Christ is.”

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Key Scriptures: 1 Timothy 4:6-7; Genesis 6:8; Luke 17:26; Isaiah 5:20

Featured Songs: No Other Name by Hillsong; Can’t be Moved by Jeremy Camp; Calvary by Hillsong

Highlight : Who was Methuselah?

The flood: God’s mercy in acts of judgment

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