What does it mean to have a heart for justice? On the Tuesday edition of Live the Promise, Bethany Hoang of International Justice Mission and singer-songwriter Sara Groves are in studio to talk about the freedom we offer others in Christ. We also talk about an upcoming prayer gathering through IJM.

Bethany shares God’s heart for justice.

“One of the big things He is awakening people to is that He is justice. Justice isn’t just this idea of rescue or intervening – justice actually starts with God Himself.”

How does this connect to IJM? Bethany explains.

“There is power at work that will keep the poor from getting what they really need – which is justice.”

Sara gives this piece of advice – prepare your heart to be rocked, but don’t stay there. “It took me a good three months. You will go through a time of grief and loss of innocence. There’s so much bad news pouring into our televisions these days… You move past that emotional [place] and engage with these stories.”

• Pray for the young boys and girls who are brought out of trafficking. Pray for their nightmares to stop and for their trust in God to be rebuilt.

• Pray for the workers on the front lines to strengthen themselves in the Lord and stay in the Word.

• Pray for God to put a fire wall between the wicked and the weak.

• Pray for the plans of the enemy to be exposed and up-ended.

• Pray for south Asia, an area with more slaves than any other region in the world today.

Bethany urges us to remember redemption and beauty in times of darkness, and tell those truths and stories to each other. We serve the God Who breaks through the darkness with His light – an act He is always doing, whether we are aware of it or not.

Key Scriptures: Lamentations 3:22-24; 1 Chronicles 9:33; Micah 6:8; Hosea 6:6

Theme Song: Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves

Highlight : Move past your emotional reaction

The global prayer gathering