What does it mean to be a godly woman?

Bestselling author and international speaker Gary Thomas defines and describes a godly woman and then let’s us in on how she has the power to influence her home.

“I think a godly woman first and foremost has her base in and who God is. She doesn’t make it about her. She makes it about God. If her husband or her children are going astray, she hurts over the fact that they’re estranged from God, more than how it reflects her.  That’s a high level of godliness.”

This doesn’t just happen, but requires time and intentionally seeking after God.

Godly woman can actively seek wisdom from Scripture 

“I think it’s a woman of wisdom. She’s trained her mind to think as the Bible thinks. It’s possible for a woman to become so steeped in Scripture that what Scripture teaches is just her natural disposition that’s comes out of her because she’s trained her mind to think as God thinks, through the study of Scripture.”

Godly woman are marked by faith, peace and love.

“Faith because that’s where her center is – in who God is. Peace because she knows God is God. And love is her disposition toward others.  She’s willing to love. If she has to be the mama bear and confront out of love, or she has to be the soft nurturing mom who comforts and encourages, she can do that as well.”

Godly woman are ultimately woman of power, joy, and purpose.

Woman of power because she has the Holy Spirit within her; she’s learned to surrender her right to those spirits. She knows it’s not about her natural gifts.  It’s not about what she’s able to do. She sees now that if she offers herself to God He can use her in ways she couldn’t even imagine.

There is no joy that rivals a woman who believes she’s doing what God has created her to do, with God’s power working within her. That just creates joy because there’s a sense of purpose and happiness.”

When a woman walks with humility and has God as her rock and foundation, she is able to influence and impact her husbands heart.

“If you want to influence your husband, here’s what I want every wife to hear – here’s the truth that I think will help wives understand their husbands a whole lot more: Guys are influenced by people they respect not necessarily by people they love.”

Key Scriptures: 1 Peter 1:21

Featured Songs: Shoulders by For King & Country; Maker by Chris August; Your Love Is Mine by I Am They

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