A half-truth is still a truth, you just can’t take it to the whole.” – Brad Hewitt

Brad Hewitt, CEO of Thrivent Financial, shares four half-truths about money that Christians should know.

More money means more security

There is great wisdom is fostering financial security for yourself and your family. However, we have to be wary of falling into the trap of associating all of our security with our wealth.

In reality, we’re called to be courageous and free of fear, regardless of how much money we have in the bank.

“There’s got to be a balance here. Have some wisdom about your future security, but store up your treasures in heaven and live courageously.” – Susie Larson

The goal is financial independence

“Every parent wants their kids to eventually move out of their basement.”

Financial independence is a necessity for any adult. However, we were made to be a part of the community of God. We should avoid attempting to be autonomous and hoarding our money.

“Community is one of God’s ways He has called us into a relationship with each other.”

Progress is good

Life isn’t about having more; it’s about learning contentment. While it’s good to be able to make progress in life, constantly accumulating more wealth and status will not lead to fulfillment.

“The Biblical truth is that God has called us to be content with what we have.”

Those who have a healthy relationship with money are able to continue to strive for improvement while still being content in the present circumstance.

Success means having what is new, pricey, or stable

“The half-truth is that success comes with having the big job, the big paycheck, or the neat car.”

There’s a difference between worldly success and biblical success.

“The biblical truth is it’s all about living our calling. Success is when we are actually doing what God created us to do.”

Sometimes our calling looks like worldly success, and sometimes it doesn’t. Ask God to reveal to you His plan for your life and ask Him to help you find contentment in your calling.

Key Scriptures: Micah 6:8

Featured Songs: Hope in Front of Me by Danny Gokey; My Deliverer by Mandisa; Kicking and Screaming by Third Day

Highlight : Four half-truths about money Christians should know

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