God can reach us in unexpected ways – including through our vocation. On the Friday edition of Live the Promise, guest host Bill Arnold talks with filmmaker Brian Ivie about how God opened his eyes to Jesus.

“My life was on a silver platter – I grew up with everything at my fingertips. I did want to be in a battle – I wanted something that was more real than everything fluffy and comfortable about Orange Country. It’s no coincidence that I found God in the war zone of the front lines that this man was doing in Korea.”

God was pursuing Brian in many ways, including through a newspaper article about a pastor in South Korea in 2011. The article described a man named Pastor Lee, who had built a box for abandoned babies to save them from the streets. It struck a chord with Brian. “He was real – it made the rest of my life seem fake.” He contacted the pastor and flew out with a crew to tell Lee’s story.

Over the trip, Brian’s heart started to change. “It wasn’t until I actually came back to the United States and heard a sermon about the cross, and Jesus Christ becoming [my sin]. He died like He had done those things, and I broke down.” God brought Brian out of selfishness, pride, and a pornography addiction, and into a relationship with Himself.

Brian shares what he learned about faith.

“Everybody that’s looking for God is going to look at you and hope that you’re like Him. You’re not going to be perfect; but what Pastor Lee showed me was that God’s love makes you lovely. He didn’t used to be like that, but his compassion and his kindness are tangible. When seeing him, I saw my spiritual brokenness and the Father’s love displayed.”

Brian’s book, and the film of the same name, is .

Key Scriptures: Proverbs 19:21; James 1:27

Theme Song: Hands and Feet by Audio Adrenaline

Highlight : How Pastor Lee’s compassion moved Brian’s heart

A filmmaker meets Jesus