We can allow injustice to drive us to action instead of anger… listen as radio host Brant Hansen returns to talk about living a prayerful, unoffendable life.

Our culture is not mainly about love. “Anger dominates us right now.” Brant says we have two options – view our anger as right, dress it up and keep it, or get rid of it.

“I know what the biblical option is – get rid of it now. There’s no qualification for us as humans.”

Why are we so drawn to anger? Brant says it has everything to do with self-esteem.

“Ultimately we want to feel good about ourselves. Anger allows us to feel better than the other person. Anger makes people feel superior. ‘At least I recycle.’ ‘At least I take a shorter shower than you do to preserve water.'”

What then should we do in the face of injustice instead of get angry? Brant lays out a game plan.

• Pray.

• Get a clear head.

• Respond in love “in a way that addresses the injustices.”

Brant offers a word to those who still struggle with the concept of unrighteous anger.

“If I fully understand my own brokenness, sinfulness, rebellion, I’m more apt to forgive.  Once we understand the grace God has extended to us it becomes much easier to love others and not hold their sins against them.”

This takes a certain amount of humility but Brant details his own journey.

“I’ve seen my love for others grow. How about if instead of trying to size up everybody else, we assume everybody needs more of Jesus?”

Brant’s book is .

Key Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 5:19-20; Ephesians 4:25-27; James 1:19-21

Featured Songs: Shoulders by For King & Country; How Can It Be by Lauren Daigle; The Maker by Chris August

Highlight : Anger makes us feel superior

Choosing action in lieu of anger

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