“Okay, you’re all set. Please sit down at number nine.”

I had just handed the Department of Motor Vehicles attendant my identification and application. Then, I walked over to the cubicle to complete my written driving test. I sure hope I pass.

Several minutes later, after completing the test I went back to the attendant. He handed me back my identification and application.

“You’ll need to come back to take the test again.”

I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t cry in public. So as soon as we were done talking I bolted to the nearest bathroom, walked into the stall, and sobbed. My focus got derailed; it was held captive. I was reminded of all of the times I didn’t do well on tests. Compounded with the high-flying emotions of having just made a cross-country move from Massachusetts back to Minnesota, I felt vulnerable.

Somewhere between the time I left the DMV, and the time I got home, I received a special note from a writer (who didn’t even know me at the time) who felt led to encourage me through my blog. I looked at her blog and I saw a post entitled Peace in the Middle of Prison.

When my husband and I lived in Massachusetts, on occasion, I went into the women’s prison to help minister to those ladies. I didn’t always like going. But I always left extremely blessed and ministered to by them.

Whatever was holding me captive going into those prison doors, was released once I got inside.

Our deliverer

The seesaws of life may feel like they’re holding you and I captive. A small challenge can feel like we’re being tied down by a thread. And fear can make us feel like we’re trapped in Alcatraz.

Conversely, you and I can hold our hopes and prayers captive. We can clench onto goals and dreams, wondering when in the world God will fulfill His promises.

The day after I failed my written driving test I went back to the DMV, retook it, and thankfully I passed. I went into it with a better focus than the day before. I also knew that if I failed again, somehow I would be captivated by Jesus.

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7

As we face our worries and fears, or the patience and trust necessary to build our faith, it’s captivating to let Him know how we feel. To give Him our worries and cares is liberating because we have the opportunity to surrender our expectations, and to witness His deliverance in our life.

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