On this edition of Live the Promise Bible scholar Ron Rhodes joins Susie for both hours to tackle your questions about faith, the Trinity, and the end times!

Ron unpacks a number of topics and questions in this conversation:


“The Bible does indicate that some people are pretend Christians… they may have flirted with Christianity but never truly trusted in Christ. It’s my personal belief that if a person has truly trusted in Christ for salvation, then that person is permanently in the family of God.”

Can Satan read our minds?

“God has no problem answering our prayers no matter what the resistance is.  Satan loves to get Christians all twisted up. Just remember, he is the father of lies. One of the greatest tools of the devil is discouragement – sometimes it may seem like God is taking too long to answer your prayer but know that Satan might be working on you. Stay rooted in the word of God.”

God’s character in the Old and New Testaments

“God is the God of judgment. We like to talk about the love of God, but He is also a holy God. He performed radical surgery” to prevent the whole of humanity from being infected by the bestiality and child sacrifice of the Canaanites and other tribes around His chosen people.


“The reality of hell will be much worse than human language can describe, just as heaven will be much better than human language can describe… The worst pain will not be physical, but spiritual. “

Did Jesus descend to hell?
Ron explains two perspectives.

“Apparently, Jesus went down and proclaimed His victory over the powers of darkness… There’s another viewpoint which mentions Noah and says that Noah himself was a preacher of righteousness. It’s possible that Christ was preaching through Noah to his contemporaries, but now they’re dead, and Christ went down and preached to them. It’s really important to interpret those difficult verses in light of what the rest of the Scriptures have to say.”

Jesus’ omniscience

“Christ voluntarily chose not to use His divine attributes on all occasions. Part of what Christ did was to choose for His messianic mission not to use His divine omniscience.”

Key Scriptures: Hebrews 4:16; Matthew 11:23-24; Psalm 122:6; 1 Kings 5; Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 5:25-31

Featured Songs: Glorious Unfolding by Steven Curtis Chapman; Let It Be Known by Worship Central; Press On by Building 429; I Will Exalt You by Hillsong Live

Highlight : The definition of hell

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