What does original sin really mean? What does the Bible say about Jesus’ return? What does the Bible teach us about the end times? Listen as Susie is joined by Bible scholar Ron Rhodes for our monthly edition of Bible Answers. Here are some of the topics Ron addresses:


The nature of revelation

Hierarchy in heaven

“God will reward perfectly. Let’s live in such a way that we want to please the Lord, because the Lord desires like crazy to reward you. Let that be a motivation. It’s only through God’s grace that we’re able to do the things that please Him anyway! “

Ron goes deeper,

“There’s not going to be have-nots in the sense of destitution. All of us are going to have overflowing cups, but some of us will have bigger cups than others. We’re all going to be thrilled to be in heaven! Those rewards are not for self-glorification – every one of us will lay our crowns before the feet of Christ. The rewards we are given have something to do with our capacity to glorify God in the afterlife.”


Ron defines idolatry this way: “Anything that can take the place of God in your life.”

– Fame
– Success
– Food
– Sexual experience

“I think a particular danger for Christians in the United States is materialism. Always be in the process of watching out for idolatry. When Scripture warns against idolatry in the New Testament, those texts are always aimed at Christians. God is always number one in our life, and we need to constantly be about the process of self-examination.”


There are two senses of forgiveness in the Christian life – forgiveness from sin and fellowship with God. Ron points out that confession restores fellowship with God – it’s the difference between union with God and communion with God. Confession means “agreement” – we agree with God that our action was sinful and turn back to Him.

Do Christians still sin?

Ron points to 1 John 3 – if you’re convicted by your sin, then God is working on you. The passage in 1 John refers to unyielding, unrepentant sin.

Where do dinosaurs fit into the creation account?

“When I read Genesis and it’s talking about six days, I think that’s six days. I really do. That would have to mean that dinosaurs and humans were once on the earth at the same time.”

Key Scriptures: John 10:14; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17; Genesis 2; Revelation 18; 1 John 3:9

Featured Songs: Word of God Speak by MercyMe; Lord I’m Ready Now by Plumb; Blameless by Dara Maclean; You Amaze Us by Selah

Highlight : Is there hierarchy in heaven?

Bible answers with Ron Rhodes

Bible answers with Ron Rhodes, hour 2