The Bible is a source of wisdom, but it can also raise questions in our minds. On the Monday edition of Live the Promise it’s our monthly edition of Bible Answers, with scholar Ron Rhodes. He spends time tackling your questions about the end times, the existence of angels, and the Jewish context of the Scriptures and Jesus’ ministry.

Here are some of the topics Ron addresses during this program:

Why is there so much debate about the author of the book of Ephesians?

Ron says some scholars reject the traditional view that Paul wrote Ephesians. “Part of the issue is whether or not the book is inspired or inerrant; Paul does indicate that he wrote it in Ephesians chapter 1 and chapter 3 verse 1. I think it fits his theology.”

Can Christians divorce?

“The intention all along was the the relationship would keep going unless one of the partners died. But sin entered the world, and when sin entered the world, it affected not just our relationship with God but our relationship with people.”

Ron points out two reasons given for divorce in Scripture:

• Marital infidelity

• The desertion of the believing partner by the unbelieving partner

Can women be in positions of leadership in the church?

“I believe that Paul argues theologically when he says that women should not be leaders in the church. The fact is that women can still minister to women, women can still minister to children… Women can still train men. Women can have the same gift of prophesying as men in the church.”

Ron says that this is a contentious issue in the church, but we can disagree without being hateful or hurtful.

Do Christians have to go to church?

Ron strongly urges believers to meet together. It strengthens faith and brings out giftings. Ron also shares that isolated Christians are easy prey for Satan.

“The church is the one place on planet Earth where we get equipped for the work of ministry. Every one of us in the body is supposed to be involved in some form of ministry. A lot of people don’t know what their spiritual gift is; your Christian gift invariably surfaces when we’re engaged in ministry.”

How should we practice church discipline?

Should Christians dabble in occultism?

Why was polygamy an acceptable practice in the Old Testament?

Which translation should we use?

What does it mean to have the mind of Christ?

Key Scriptures: Ephesians; 1 Corinthians 7; Philippians 4:6-7; Ephesians 5:21-32; Hebrews 10:25; Matthew 6:14-15

Featured Songs: Strength of My Heart by Rend Collective; My Lighthouse by Rend Collective; Same Power by Jeremy Camp; Amen by Chris August

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