Do you struggle to pray? Well-known pastor and author Max Lucado says, he’s a “recovering prayer wimp.”

Listen to his conversation with Susie about the power of the ‘pocket prayer.’

“I’ve wanted to write about prayer for many years; I’ve shared several sermons about prayer. But I struggled to write about prayer simply because I struggled to pray. I’ve known people who are prayer warriors… I’ve always felt like I was needing prayer 101. I just shared in this book what has worked for me; I’m hoping to speak to those who do struggle to pray and give them a word of encouragement.”

Susie and Max explore

• The only prayer Jesus resists.

• How to approach prayer as a conversation instead of a formula.

• What we can learn from Jesus’ prayer life.

• Common barriers that prevent us from coming to God.

The pocket prayer:

You are good.
I need help. Heal me and forgive me.
They need help.
Thank You.
In Jesus’ Name, amen.”

Max says, our prayers can and should start from a relationship of intimacy.

“Let’s trust that God loves us as the perfect Father. I know for some of us when we use the word ‘Father’ it conjures up negative images – yet that person who did not have a father can begin to see God as the perfect Father. I think it’s just a wonderful thing to begin our prayers just by saying ‘I may not have much in life, but I have this – I have a Father in heaven, and He’s good. His heart is good, He wants to good for me, He’s up to something good.’ That’s really where prayer starts, and it depends upon Him.”

Max’s book is  .

Key Scriptures: Luke 5:1-5; Matthew 11:6; Matthew 6:9-13; James 5:16

Theme Song: Desert Song by Hillsong

Highlight : Praying to God as our Father

Before ‘amen’

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