God is with us in the floodplains of life.

Singer-songwriter Sara Groves says one of the songs from her album, explores how God is with us when we’ve repeated a season or experience in life. She talks about what the presence of God looks like in repetition.

“A big part of my journey has been asking the question, ‘Have I been here before and what happened?’”

Sara was inspired to write “I’ve Been Here Before” when she reflected on the myriad of times God has guided her through the hardships and confusion of life.

“I’ve walked with the Lord, I don’t understand this request but I’m going to follow Him here because I’ve followed Him before and He’s led me by still waters.”

Time and time again, when experiencing hardships, Sara has seen God pull through for her and her faith flourished.

 “You look back on the faithfulness of God, you see that He’s been faithful before and that gives you strength.”

God allowed Sara to descend into the deep valleys of life so she could learn to trust Him more and more each day.

“I’ve been here before
Shaking in my anger
Smoking like a gun
Wonderin’ why I can’t do better than I’ve done

I’ve been here before
Resting in a pasture, honey on my tongue
Resting by still waters

I’ve been here before
Feasting at a table in a barren land
Sayin’ I’ll never doubt never doubt again
Sayin’ I’ll never doubt never doubt again

A voice inside says I will be free.” 

Key Scriptures: Romans 7:24-25; Colossians 1:27

Featured Songs: When the Saints; Floodplain; I’ve Been Here Before; Kingdom Comes; Expedition; My Dream; Second Guess Girl

Highlight : The story behind “I’ve Been Here Before”

The artist’s corner: Sara Groves (Floodplain)