Jesus calls us to surrender our wounds instead of hide them. Author Cynthia Ruchti shares how God heals our broken places.

Cynthia uses a metaphor from her own life:

“My mom was a nurse… if we put a dirty Band-Aid over a raw wound, we’re going to have way more trouble than we had in the beginning. If we’re turning to the wrong things, the wrong people, the wrong comfort – we’re going to wind up with an infection or something festering rather than the healing God wants to offer.”

Cynthia also points out that we shouldn’t wear our pain as a badge; we need to let God heal it instead.

“There is no better person to address the needs of our wounded soul than the One who made us.”

In Cynthia’s book, , she discusses the steps to freedom and surrender.

• Take a deep breath – the healing process can be painful.

• Admit your need.

• Remember God’s promises and past faithfulness in your life.

• Turn to the Bible – in Cynthia’s words, “Opening God’s Word is like threading the needle for God’s healing to begin.”

• Follow the Hebrews 12 principles: throw off every opinion, fear, or weight that will delay or hijack your healing and run to Christ.

Cynthia shares her own journey. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease after months of headaches, joint pain, heart palpitations and other odd symptoms. She needed to learn to let God heal her. Over time, she learned more about God’s powerful love and His ability to make beauty from brokenness.

“What He creates out of broken shards of glass is a stained glass window.”

Key Scriptures: Psalm 119:28; Psalm 119:45; Psalm 30:2; Mark 10:45-52

Theme Song: Love’s Not Done with You by Jason Gray

Highlight : Let God set the pace for your healing

The art of healing a wounded soul