There are two powerful tools in the arsenal of a mom. The first is being action-oriented in your decisions.

Arlene Pellicane uses her family as an example. Every morning she made smoothies for her children. When the minutes tick by and the smoothies go untouched, she comes up with a plan – a specific consequence tailored for each child.

For her 4th grader, Arlene would put her smoothie away and pick out her daughter’s clothes instead of letting her choose her outfit.

Her younger daughter Lucy would miss out on snacks for the day until she had her smoothie.

Arlene says, talk is cheap! Decide what you’re going to do, and do it. Your children will respect you for following through with the discipline.

“They were actions; they weren’t all these words. When you think about your children and the same problems you keep having over and over each day – what are actions that will speak to them instead of using words? Use the least amount of words possible when giving a command. Try to enforce more so with action than with words.”

The second tool is prayer. Moms who pray together move the heart of God. Arlene urges mothers to partner in prayer and encouragement.

“Sometimes it’s just myself and another woman. Sometimes it’s a handful of women. We pray God’s Word specifically over our child and over their school. Every week they’re in school, we’re praying for them and I cannot tell you the difference it is, knowing that I have prayed for my child by name.”

God moves on behalf of His children, through their prayers. Arlene gives an example from the first year she started praying with other mothers.

When Arlene’s son Ethan was in first grade and had entered a massive public school, Arlene and her friends prayed for him to find a Christian friend.

“The very next day he comes home and says, ‘Mom, a boy was singing at recess a Christian song and I asked him if he was a Christian and he said yes! And Mommy, he’s in my class!’ You will see your prayers answered over and over again, and I think there’s added power when you pray with other moms.”

Arlene offers more tips in her book  .

Key Scriptures: Deuteronomy 6:6-7

Featured Songs: Press On by Mandisa; Take Another Step by Steven Curtis Chapman; Something Beautiful by Steven Curtis Chapman

Highlight : Being an action-oriented, prayerful mom

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