What does it mean to be a successful man? Listen as author and speaker Bill Farrel joins us to talk about the seven life skills every man should have and how to cultivate them.

Bill starts with the story of creation.

“Men were designed by God to be strong and be aggressive. That’s why He loaded us up with testosterone – He wanted us to get after life… Every time you have strength, there’s a possibility of creating damage. If we’re not careful, we’ll start to define men by what they’re not supposed to do.”

1. Focus your passions

“Many men are underachieving because they’ve turned off their passions. They start giving up on their pursuits, because they feel defeated. They take the best years of their life and hand them off to silly pursuits.”

Bill points out that our culture tends to talk to young men about responsibilities instead of their dreams. They are not mutually exclusive, and ignoring their dreams can lead to a generation of men with wrung-out hearts.

2. Pray like a man.

“As men, we’re not on earth to live necessarily quiet lives. God’s got a plan to win the hearts of people. At least once a week, set apart time for God and say ‘God, You go first.’ Assume that everything that comes to mind is something God wants to talk to you about. He’s going to bring up things that are holding us back.”

• Lead with worship.

• Realize that prayer isn’t about performance – don’t come to prayer thinking “How can I succeed in this prayer?”

• Let God ignite passions in your heart.

3. Pursue a plan – a man with a plan will always do better than a man who lives by accident. Bill points out that many men stumble into success, but taking the time to put together a strategy is a mark of wisdom.

Key Scriptures: Psalm 119:32

Featured Songs: My Lighthouse by Rend Collective; Same Power by Jeremy Camp; Unashamed by Chris August

Highlight : Pray like a man

7 skills every man should know: Part 1