We recently began a conversation with marriage and family speaker Bill Farrel about the seven simple skills every man should know. Listen as he joins Susie to unpack the final four skills from his book, 7 Simple Skills for Every Man. Find part 1 here.

In his book, Bill says this:

“A man’s life is not supposed to be defined by what he isn’t and what he doesn’t do. Men are created to act, accomplish, and inspire. We are made strong so we can overcome obstacles, focused so we can pursue worthwhile goals, and passionate so we can have an enduring influence on our world.”

Bill and Susie unpack the final four skills for men:

4. Build what only you can build. “Every man was made to build something. Some men miss the message – the stereotype is that the men who build with their hands are more manly than everyone else. Building is a much broader term than just putting up structures.” Bill urges men to see a need, devise a way to meet it, and provide the structure to drive the project forward.

5. Act your age.

“Every decade is characterized by a different focus. If a man grabs onto that focus, he’s going to be highly effective in that decade.”

20’s – idealism and energy

30’s – commitment to career and family; a time to be industrious

40’s – a time of intensity, changing bodies, and hardness of life

50’s – the best time of life and a time of increased influence due to wisdom and skill

6. Be a skilled lover. “Part of the path to greatness is learning how to love. A man who learns how to listen to his wife is on the path to greatness.

7. Finish what you start.

“Nobody gives out medals at the beginning of the race. The rewards of life always come at the finish line. I want to be known as a man who gets to the end and his Savior meets him at the finish line and says ‘Well done.'”

Key Scriptures: Psalm 34:10

Featured Songs: My Lighthouse by Rend Collective; Here I Am by Jeremy Camp; Center of It by Chris August

Highlight : Don’t discount your gifts

7 skills every man should know: Part 2