Become proactive. Become decisive. Become healthy! Author and speaker Pam Farrel is back to talk about these and other skills every woman should know and apply in her life and faith.

“Success is really a journey not a destination. We just need to be better than we were yesterday and that can only come from God. As soon as we embrace [that] the happier we will become.”

Pam and Susie explore the principles from Pam’s new book, .

1. Become more reliable.

2. Become wiser.

3. Become proactive.

4. Become relational.

5. Become healthy.

6. Become efficient.

7. Become decisive.

Pam says we can practice these things while keeping our eyes on Jesus, because He is our source for the strength to live well. “Give excellence but then rest in who Jesus is.”

Key Scriptures: Proverbs 19:8

Featured Songs: Refresh Me by Leeland; Draw Me Nearer by Meredith Andrews; You Are For Me by Kari Jobe

Highlight : Choose life, in every sense

7 simple skills for every woman