When is the last time that you spent time wrestling with God in prayer? Do you believe He has the power to answer? Eric and Leslie Ludy of Ellerslie Ministry unpack what it means to go hard after something in prayer and faith. Here is what we learn about the process of Wrestling Prayer:

Elijah meditated and prayed seven times for rain to come to the land. In Eric’s words, “we get a glimpse into the prayer closet” of this prophet, and he models the continual faith to push and watch for an answer to his prayer.

Leslie shares her own struggle with stepping away from busyness and the everyday grind to spend time with Jesus in prayer. “It’s very easy to come up with excuses as to why prayer isn’t realistic. Martha had many reasons – good reasons – as to why she couldn’t sit at the feet of Jesus, but Jesus says none of that matters.”

Eric and Leslie committed to start praying as a couple shortly after they were married. Eric says, “If we give the bigger portions of our life to praying and start wrestling in the spiritual realm, life will begin to shift.” They prayed fervently for the two children they recently adopted from Haiti, and God moved on their faith and brought these two children into their life.

Eric shares his burden that we are to pray for others, not only for ourselves. “We’re supposed to be a house of prayer for others, for people all over the world.” God often recruits His people to pray for someone halfway around the world who is in prison, facing hardship, or struggling with doubt in their faith. Eric says prayer is a corporate event. “

Above all, the Ludys charge us to remember who it is we’re praying to. “The power of God has not in the least bit been diminished over the last two thousand years. The train of His robe still fills the temple.”

Key Scriptures: 1 Kings 18:41-46; James 5:13-18; Psalm 1

Theme Song: Strong God by Meredith Andrews

Highlight : The process of wrestling prayer

Wrestling prayer

Image: Flickr