The wounds of life can leave us feeling unprotected and helpless. Listen in as Susie talks with life coach Jo Ann Fore. She knows firsthand how pain and abuse can rob us of peace and direction, and they talk about what happens When a Woman Finds Her Voice.

Jo Ann experienced her share of abuse and rejection in her life, starting with trauma at the hands of her father. The abuse drove her deep into fear and anxiety. She became a Christian later in life and was married to a man of the church, only to find out he was an angry and abusive man behind closed doors.

Jo Ann slowly found freedom and peace through genuine Christian community and studying the Word of God. First, a persistent co-worker pursued Jo Ann for friendship and eventually gained Jo Ann’s trust. When the abuse became clear, this woman offered Jo Ann comfort and counsel. When you have suspicions about a close friend or coworker, make yourself available and be a “listening ear.” Walk the path of close contact without being pushy, and pray that God give you opportunity to talk with them.

The Word of God was also a strong tower for Jo Ann. It became key as she walked through, and eventually away from, an unsafe marriage. Here are the lessons she shares:

1. Choose truth. Choose to believe God’s Word even when it doesn’t feel true.

2. Pull down mental traps and strip away their sense of power. This is where step 1 comes into application – take your mental thought patterns and filter them through the promises and words of God.

3. Connect with healthy community even when you’ve been hurt.

4. Tame your emotions and focus on what matters.

5. Use your pain and story to minister to others and demonstrate hope. We share our stories as victims or victors. Jo Ann says, don’t worry if you’re not feeling like a victor yet – by God’s grace, you’ll get there.

Here is Jo Ann’s ultimate message: “Your voice matters. In fact, it’s a personal gift from the One who made you. You are important in God’s eyes.” Using your voice to combat lies and share your story will free others to share their own testimonies.

Key Scriptures: Psalm 119:45; John 10:10

Theme Song: Every Captive Free by Matt Gilman

Highlight : God wants your healing

When a woman finds her voice

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