Something is stirring in the Muslim world… thousands of men and women are trusting in Christ. Listen as Susie welcomes Dr. David Garrison, global strategist for the International Mission Board. David shares what he’s seen during his travels and how the Holy Spirit is working to bring Muslims to God.

“I saw Muslims as a people who were hostile to God and hostile to the Christian faith.” David was called to an assignment in Libya working among Muslims, and his heart started to change. Muslims are just like people everyone. They’re lost and in need of a Savior – and for me, that was something I couldn’t let go of. I decided to go to those who left Islam to follow Christ and ask them, ‘What did God use to bring you to faith?’ There was a uniqueness of how each person was lost in a different way. Whether it was a mujahadeen warrior, a demon-possessed woman, a former sheikh, or a regular person.”

David and Susie explore the sweep of history and unpack several aspects of conversions:

• The ‘nine rooms’ of Islam and why that is key to understanding these movements to Jesus

• Why so many Muslim converts are choosing to stay in their mosques and villages

• How we can pray for each ‘room’ of Islam

• Why, in David’s words, Islam is like a highway “with all on-ramps and no off-ramps”

• The fear and hostility prevalent in our culture regarding Islam and how we can pray for compassion and understanding

• How to better understand the hatred of America that is preached in many Muslim nations

• The importance of unity in the body of Christ across denominations, generations, cultures, languages, and countries

David’s book is A Wind in the House of Islam.

Key Scriptures: Romans 8:22; John 16:1-3; Matthew 5:44-46

Theme Song: All for Jesus by Robin Marks

Highlight : The courage to stay

A wind in the house of Islam

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Image: Flickr