We are never too far from God for redemption. Listen as Pastor Jeff Hill of Serenity Village Community Church joins Susie and shares his journey from addiction and heartbreak to redemption and full life in Christ.

Jeff started experimenting with alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine when he was in high school. His grades and interest in hockey took a downturn.

“Typically drug addicts are very manipulative, cover-up artists. You feel guilt and shame and the only way to deal with that guilt and shame is to do more drugs. You don’t know how much you need God until God is all you have. At age 35, God was all I had. I had lost my business, my family…”

Jeff came back to Christ, started a faith-based treatment center, and was led two years ago to start a church in the Twin Cities that, in Jeff’s words, “operates on love.” Now between 250 and 300 people attend weekly. Jeff is committed to bringing the gospel to the people around him and showing them the clean, restored path that only Jesus can give.

Jeff issues a call for those who are walking in addiction and loving their sin more than their God. “You don’t just want to be sober. You want to be free.”

Key Scriptures: Luke 15:11-32

Featured Songs: Sinking Ships by Lincoln Brewster; Made Me Glad by Hillsong; Shine Brighter

The way back from addiction

Highlight : Are you merely sober, or are you free?