How does music connect us with the heart of God? On this edition of Live the Promise Susie is joined in-studio by singer-songwriter Sara Groves. They talk about worship, love, justice, and the power of song and listen to Sara’s new best-of album. Sara and her team asked family and friends to send lists of their favorite songs when putting this album together, and it led her on a journey of reflection and reminiscing over the first ten CDs she recorded.

Sara shares that God’s faithfulness has been evident in every season of her life – from to stress in her marriage and family, to a trip to Rwanda that led her family to downsize, to the growth of her ministry.

A recent step of faith led Sara and her husband to start an Art House in the Twin Cities, a place for artists to gather and grow creatively. In Sara’s words, “There’s no business growth strategy… people have been consistently generous, giving us their time and their talent… it makes the yoke light.” God calls us to different things, and the difficult seasons don’t necessarily invalidate the call. We press on, we walk by faith, and we trust in God’s future faithfulness by reviewing His past faithfulness.

Listen as Susie and Sara reflect on a collection of songs:

Blessed Be the Tie
What Comes Next
He’s Always Been Faithful
Kindness of Strangers
All Right Here

Key Scriptures: Psalm 23:1-2Lamentations 3:22-23

Theme Song:When the Saints by Sara Groves

Highlight : Sara Groves

The artist’s corner: Sara Groves