If you’ve ever felt intimidated when trying to defend your views on abortion, I hope you’ll listen in to this podcast. Scott Klusendorf knows every abortion argument in the book. He has approached the subject in scholarly debates centered on philosophy, theology, public policy, ethics and reproductive rights.

He joined us this week to discuss his article Dead Silence: Must the Bible Say Abortion is Wrong Before We Can Know it is Wrong?

Abortion advocates contend that the Bible is silent on abortion and that none of the biblical passages cited by pro‐life advocates actually say the unborn are human. Are we to conclude from this alleged silence that elective abortion is morally permitted? There are good reasons to say no.  Klusendorf presents a three-fold argument based on the content of Scripture, the intrinsic worth of each human life and equality of human rights.

The discussion also overflows with hope for women and men who have chosen abortion. Scott offers hope based on the truth found in God’s word and the mercy in the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Scott Klusendorf is President of Life Training Institute. He is a speaker whose message has been featured on Focus on the Family and many other national media outlets, and he has lectured or debated on over 70 college campuses including UCLA and MIT. Each year thousands of students at Protestant and Catholic high schools are trained by Scott to make a persuasive case for life as part of their worldview training prior to college. He’s provided that same training to students at Summit Ministries and Focus on the Family Institute. Scott is the author of The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture.

Scott Klusendorf: Persuasively Pro-life