Few relationships take more time and wisdom to navigate than those with in-laws. Blending two families through marriage can be a messy process, and sometimes finding your footing is a delicate process. Listen as Deb DeArmond shares how we can manage and strengthen our in-law relationships. She and Susie unpack principles from her book,  .

Deb explains the meaning behind the term “in-law.”

“We are related because of a legal contract – marriage. If we’re following Christ, we no longer live in the law. If we’re following Christ we’re living our lives in love and love creates a different set of choices than those we make under the law. Are we living these relationship under the law – strict, stringent, inflexible – or are we extending in love, gathering in, not excluding? It makes a world of difference.”

Deb and Susie also explore

• How pop culture contributes to the stereotypes of in-law relationships.

• The power of the bond between a mother and her son, and when that becomes an unhealthy connection. Deb cautions mothers not to become territorial when their sons start to pursue a wife.

“We don’t think about what will happen what that other woman shows up – and she’s supposed to!”

• Why a man can’t be the “carrier pigeon” between his mother and his wife.

• How to honor your parents while leaving and cleaving to your spouse.

• Pursuing “in-love” relationships instead of “in-law” relationships.

• The pitfalls of maintaining financial or emotional dependence on your parents after you’ve married.

Deb says, the key here is communication, honesty, and boundaries. Love each other without becoming dependent.

“Be present, not intrusive.”

Key Scriptures: Ephesians 4:1-3; Ruth 1:1-18; James 1:19

Featured Songs: God of Angel Armies [Whom Shall I Fear?] by Chris Tomlin; You Won’t Let Go by Michael W. Smith; Brave by Nicole Nordeman

Highlight : An unexplored dynamic of in-law discussions

A road map for in-law relationships

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  • Wendi Curtis says:

    What has helped me release my son to his new wife is having a healthy love relationship with my husband. We have a terrific relationship with our son- in fact he likes hanging with his parents and we enjoy hanging with him, but honestly, as he got older we began looking forward to being empty nesters. I think a lot of moms run into trouble when their relationship with their children, specifically sons, takes prescidence over her relationship with her husband. The best way to grow healthy children is to love your spouse well.

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