When our life seems darkest, that’s when God is just starting to do His best work. On this edition of Live the Promise Susie welcomes Liz Curtis Higgs back to the program to talk about God’s redemption in our darkness.

Liz describes her own faith journey in a handful of words.

“Angry, heartbroken, abandoned, lost… [but now] in Christ, at peace, eager to share.”

That describes the journey of Rahab, a well-known prostitute in the town of Jericho. When two spies from Israel enter the town, she hides them in her home, protects them from wicked men, and has a massive change of heart toward the God of their people. Liz explains Rahab’s words.

“I know that the LORD, the One True God, has given this land to you.’ I just think it’s breathtaking to watch this woman work. Rahab’s not a liar; she’s a protector. God revealed Himself to Rahab and she revealed her faith to these men.”

What can we learn from Sapphira, who lied about how much money she was giving to the Church?

“God holds each one of us accountable. When you stand before the judgment seat of God, you’re on your own. She breathed her last. Great fear seized the whole church – of course! But this is the good news – nevertheless, more and more believed in the Lord and were added to their number. The power of God was revealed and these two did more for the kingdom dead than they did alive. I put Sapphira under the category of ‘bad for a moment.'”

We must be careful when giving money away. Are we doing it for the applause and recognition of others, or God? What have you learned from God’s redemptive work in your own life?

Key Scriptures: Luke 18:19; Luke 7:36-50; Joshua 2; Acts 5:1-11

Theme Song: New Lease on Life by MercyMe

Highlight : Our choices reflect our self-worth

Redemption stories: Rahab and Sapphira

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