Our culture is full of role models and trends that encourage teens toward rebellion and promiscuity. On this edition of Live the Promise, youth and family speaker Greg Speck joins Susie in studio. We spend time looking at how to engage young adults and encourage them in a strong walk of faith and purity.

What’s facing this generation? With an onslaught of technology, diversity, and broken homes, there are several challenges. Here are a few that Greg and Susie address:

Dating: Greg points to the prevalence of abuse in dating relationships. Many teen girls are being pulled into unhealthy, controlling, or even physically abusive relationships.

Teens who are in abusive relationships typically use the following phrases:

“If I didn’t make him/her mad, he/she wouldn’t hit me.”

“He/She didn’t mean it.”

“But he says he loves me.”

“He tells me no one else will want me if we break up.”

How does this happen? In Greg’s words, “Every teenager has the basic need to be loved.” He points to low self-esteem, absent fathers, and the desire to be affirmed as contributing factors.

Broken/absent families: Greg points out that teens need to meet Jesus “first and foremost at home. The church is not to take the place of the family – they’re meant to work together.” For the sake of the teens, Greg strongly urges parents to have a unified front when it comes to intervening in their lives and setting boundaries regarding dating, friends, and technology.

Susie and Greg call us to pray for a youth revival. Pray for older godly men and women who will reach out to this generation and help to mold their character and integrity. “In the midst of this darkness, there are so many teens who love Jesus. And would die for Jesus. News media feeds off the negative, but there is so much positive.”

Key Scriptures: Colossians 2:13

Theme Song: Speak Life by TobyMac

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 Highlight : Reaching our youth

Reaching our youth

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