“Don’t get too settled or too relaxed until we’ve brought everyone into the Kingdom.”

There are nine rooms in the house of Islam… The Holy Spirit is changing hearts in every one. We hear from Dr. David Garrison, author of the book , who shares how Jesus is reaching out to Muslims.

“My wife and I spent three years studying Arabic and learned a hundred ways how not to win a Muslim to Christ. In 2002 our family moved to India; I was amazed at the number of Muslim-background believers I knew.”

David decided to do some research into this phenomenon and identified dozens of movements of Muslims to Jesus over the past few centuries, which he gathered into a book.

He shares that 82% of all movements of Muslims to Jesus are happening right now, today, in our lifetime. David identifies a “movement” as any time there has been 1,000 baptized believers in a given Muslim context.

“Today is the day of salvation for Muslims.”

David and Susie also cover

• How to pray for persecuted Christians

• Our call to pray for those who persecute, including those involved in ISIS

• The story of a former Taliban member who was led to Christ by the American he was plotting to kill

• How to share Christ with those who follow Allah. David points out a few key things to understand about Islam:

– Allah has no plan of salvation.

– Allah doesn’t deal with the sin problem.

– Jesus, or Isa al Masih, is mentioned 96 times in the Koran. In the text, he is described as living in heaven, righteous, and born of a virgin.

• The advance of Bible translation, the rise of technology, and the increase of visions and dreams in the Muslim world. In David’s words,

“All the right things are in place for Muslims to see, hear, and understand the gospel.”

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 9:6; James 1:22; Revelation 6:9-12

Theme Song: Joy to the World by Steven Curtis Chapman

Highlight : When a terrorist meets Jesus

When Muslims meet Jesus