Is walking with God easy?

Bill and Arnold answer that question and unpack Step 4: Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

In step 4, we look at our resentment, fears and sex conduct, and this time around, George deals with resentment and fear. George points out that prayer is the solution for both and gives some more practical tips on how to deal with resentment and fear.

Matt joins the show to share how he was searching for something that satisfied. He chased women, being an athlete, started his own business, and nothing filled the void. But it was drugs that provided, in his words, “a nice mental vacation.”

Eventually, he found what he thought was satisfaction in cocaine, which very quickly turned into an addiction. Even during his addiction, he was still finding success in the marketplace, but eventually, his cocaine addiction came to the surface and signaled a needed change.

It was during this time that Matt was searching for God in church, the Bible and recovery centers and at a certain point, an amazing thing miraculously happened.

Now, Matt’s life has dramatically changed, and you’ll certainly hear it in his voice. He shares his own journey of how God opened his eyes and he draws out several points from the Bible that highlight his own life change and it’ll encourage you in applying those verses to your own life.

Matt encourages us that,

“If Jesus can heal the blind, deaf and lame, he can heal the alcoholic.”

Matt’s story and the lively discussion will encourage you to go deeper into the Bible and ask questions about faith, whether you’re in recovery or not.

Matt leaves you with the encouragement that if you’re in addiction, God wants you to reach out to him and keep pursuing him with “annoying persistence” as it says in Luke 11.

Highlight – Reading the word

Matt’s story

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