We are fully beloved dust, image-bearers of God but a vapor on the earth. Listen as pastor Jamin Goggin of Saddleback Church shares what it means to have a relationship with God as an image-bearer and walk it out in daily life.

Jamin shares his own struggles with walking closely with God and looking for something to fill him. He’s learned some tools and wisdom as he and Susie explore the lessons from his new book, Beloved Dust: Drawing Close to God by Discovering the Truth About Yourself:

• The idol of experience.

• How we turn God into a tool or a means to an end instead of enjoying Him as both the means and the end.

• The consumer culture in the church and why it’s dangerous for a follower of Christ.

• Why a desert season in our journey can be a good thing.

• How we lose the core of the Gospel in our search for deep connection and how to reclaim it.

• What the calling to sabbath and rest has to do with knowing God.

Jamin shares his perspective on how and why we search for the mountain-top experience in our faith.

“This is one of the reasons people church hop. People are looking for an experience they’re told they were going to have, and now they’re in a season where they’re not getting that. The good news of the Gospel is not that God has promised to give you an ‘aha’ moment but rather that God has given you Himself.”

Key Scriptures: John 15:5; John 10:10; Genesis 2:7; Genesis 3:19

Featured Songs: Christ is Enough by Hillsong; He Knows My Name by Francesca Battistelli; No One Higher by Aaron Shust

Highlight : Are you hiding from God in prayer?

Life in the dust