Do you work for God’s favor? Do you feel He owes you blessings? Or are you walking with Him in a daily authentic relationship? On the weekend edition of Live the Promise Susie talks with Skye Jethani, senior editor of the Leadership journal. He helps us unpack four false views of Christianity, and talk about what it means to do life WITH God. We take some time to unpack the four postures of managing our life.

Life over God

I don’t need God at all; He may not even exist. I’m just going to overcome my fear by managing my life through formulas. In the church, this manifests by having a relationship with the Bible and applying biblical principles but not knowing the God of the Bible.

This approach is safe, it’s  predictable and manageable, but it’s practical atheism.

Life under God

God is going to crush me if I don’t obey. It’s superstitious at best; we can control God, or the gods by using the right incantations and rituals and appease them. If I do this right, God has an obligation to bless me.

This approach leads to hypocrisy and judgment.

Life for God

My value is based in how much I can accomplish for God. So I’ll give a lot of money, get involved in street evangelism, cast out demons, and sacrifice as much as I possibly can for the sake of the mission because God needs me.

You can live your life for God and completely miss Him. The fruit of this posture is exhaustion and a false sense of control.

Life from God

The consumer gospel. God exists to give me things, a cosmic vending machine who will always give me what I want. If I ask in Jesus’ Name He needs to say yes.

This approach sees God as a means to an end instead of the end itself.

Life with God

I desire God above what He can give me. I want His presence and joy more than things, comfort, marriage, health, and anything else. If I walk with God, that is all I need.

Key Scriptures: Luke 12:32; John 17:3

Theme Song: By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North

Highlight : Life with God

Life with God versus life under God

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