Are you ready for a new way to seek justice – an ancient way to know God? Listen as Susie talks with Jim Martin of International Justice Mission. He’s written a book titled The Just Church. IJM is an expert at not only at rescuing victims of violence, sex trafficking, slavery, and oppression, but also at bringing churches into the fight. We learn how to seek justice in a way that moves beyond words and good intentions.

Jim paints a jarring picture of the world outside the church.

“The hard fact of our world today is that there just are people who wake up every day in this world intent on doing evil. There are 27 million people living in slavery – it’s more of a problem than ever. As the sun goes down around the world, brothels are opening up – many of them in major cities – when women and children are being raped for profit.” For Jim, the statistics are bleak, but we can’t ignore the plight of those around us, especially because of the hope we carry. “The bedrock of that hope comes fom the Scriptures – part of God’s character is justice. Hope is like a secret weapon – anger and outrage can motivate us, but they can only do that for a short period of time.” Only hope can keep us continually fighting for those who can’t defend themselves.

Where can we start? Jim says, start with the Scriptures. Look at what God says about justice and protecting the vulnerable. Pray and ask God to give you a heart for the powerless. Then look at your immediate community and do your research to see what your city and county are doing to serve orphans and widows. The need is real, the enemy is real, but so is the Spirit’s power. Let’s start.

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 58:6; Micah 6:8

Theme Song: Follow You by Leeland and Brandon Heath

Highlight : The just church

The just church

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