The tide of the culture is moving away from the biblical view of marriage and family. Listen to an encore presentation of Susie’s powerful conversation with Tim Sisarich. We talk about Irreplaceable, a compelling new documentary from Focus on the Family that examines the importance of mothers and fathers in the life of a child.

The film was initially a one-night event, but due to the high demand and powerful response, Focus on the Family is showing it a second time, on May 15. Make sure to get your tickets!

Tim shares his candid journey as he agreed to travel for, and narrate, this project. It started as an exploration of the culture and the many challenges facing Christians today – the dissolution of marriage, the rejection of the nuclear family, the rise in abortion rates – but it quickly turned “personal” for Tim. His own father went into prison for embezzlement and was unfaithful to his wife. Working on this film forced Tim to confront his own brokenness and insecurities about his family of origin.

“I grew up feeling very vulnerable. And resentful toward my dad. Oftentimes we as Christians say ‘I’m okay’ and smile. But deep down in our heart, we feel that pain. And it’s going to shape who you are and your worldview and the direction for your life. The question is, what are we going to do about it?”

In Tim’s words, “culture is made up of people. And people are broken.” But we can recognize that despite our brokenness, God gives each of us a gift and a family, and we can, through Christ, redeem the hurts and wounds from our past and be examples of God’s love to our own family.

Tim and Susie also touch on

• The connection between absent fathers and extended prison time

• Abortion and the woman’s right to choose

• Gender selection for unborn babies

• The connection between strong families and strong countries

Key Scriptures: Malachi 4:6

Theme Song: Family by TobyMac

Highlight : Irreplaceable