“When we lift our eyes from ourselves and engage in being a contributor and a fixer and a healer, somehow He does bring healing to our own struggles.”

We have the power to end poverty in our lifetime. What is required for it to happen? Listen as Susie welcomes Scott Todd of Compassion International back to the program to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

Scott says, we need to overcome our cynicism.

“There’s a giant difference between cynicism and skepticism. The skeptic just needs data, evidence. I am a skeptic, I remain a skeptic; I think God wired me to be a skeptic. Thomas was a skeptic; Jesus knew Thomas was wired to need evidence. It’s a good and healthy thing to question! Start by asking, ‘Do I really know what I’m talking about?’ The data is overwhelming; it’s rock-solid.”

Scott offers some current statistics:

• Today, nearly one billion people still live in poverty

• Every day there are 19,000 fewer children dying

• Malaria was pushed out of America simply by mitigating stagnant water

• In 1981, over half the planet lived in poverty; today that number is down to 21%

• Measles infections have decreased by 71% since 2000

• 40,000 children used to die every day from easily preventable diseases; today that number is 18,000

• There’s been a significant decline in the number of HIV infections worldwide

Scott says, when he started saying yes to God, he was forced out of his comfort zone and into a place of radical faith. It wasn’t always easy, but God has grown Scott in amazing ways as a result of his obedience. “When you know what God is calling you to do, you do it.” We can use education, water systems, child sponsorship, and trade programs to lift others out of extreme poverty and empower them to live productive, God-centered lives. With God, all things are possible!

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 58:11-12; James 1:27

Theme Song: You’re the Water, You’re the Shore by Selah

Highlight : Cynicism, skepticism, and the invitation to end poverty

The international day for the eradication of poverty