Think of the phrase, “I am with you always.” God can say SO MUCH to us in just five words. Listen as prolific author and Bible teacher Dr. Warren Wiersbe joins us on the program. We look at powerful, five-word statements from the Bible that bring us hope, joy, and reflection on God’s promises.

Here are some of the phrases Susie and Dr. Wiersbe unpack:

“You shall be a blessing”
If we took the word “bless” or “blessing” out of our vocabulary, we would have nothing to say. We use that term every day – but what is it? According to Dr. Wiersbe, a blessing is “anything that God is or says or does that edifies me or glorifies Him.” We are called to be channels of blessing rather than reservoirs. When God moves on our behalf and for His glory, we’re meant to share that with others rather than keep it to ourselves.

“So Joshua took the whole land”
The Israelites already owned the land; now God called them to possess it. Dr. Wiersbe calls every Christian to move in and take the whole land – lay hold of all that God has promised in your own life.

“The Lord was with him”
Jesus’ name is prophesied in Israel to be Emmanuel, or God with us.

“Have I not sent you?”
The LORD spoke these words to Gideon. As Dr. Wiersbe says, Gideon was not necessarily a “mature believer.” He wavered, doubted, hid, and tested God. Yet God moved in and through him. God uses broken deliverers so only He can claim the credit.

Dr. Wiersbe and Susie also spend time discussing five aspects of the Christian life:

– How our faith grows through reading the Word, through community, and through suffering
– Overcoming fear
– Humility vs. pride
– Avoiding “turf wars” in Christianity
– The richness of the Lord’s Prayer

Open your Bible and study the little phrases you find. “Here am I; send me!” “I am with you always.” “Don’t be afraid; just believe.” God speaks so His people can hear Him; open the Word and see for yourself!

Dr. Wiersbe’s new books are Old Testament Words For Today  and New Testament Words for Today.

Key Scriptures: Psalm 33:11

Theme Song: Sovereign by Chris Tomlin

Highlight : Trusting God through fear

In five words

Image: Flickr