What does it mean to be resourceful and serve the city and the nation in Jesus’ Name? Quenton Marty of Hope for the City, now Matter, joins Susie in studio to talk about the fantastic ministry being done through clothing donations, food drives and more for the kingdom.

“God’s call on the organization is that we want all of creation to be seen and used for all it’s worth. We want all of these resources that God has entrusted to us to matter.” It started when Dennis Doyle and his wife Megan started storing leftover food in warehouses. The efforts quickly expanded to include office equipment, hospital beds, vehicles… Quenton shares the story. “Dennis began to re-purpose and it quickly grew – over 500 companies have donated resources to Matter. The spirit of generosity is ever present, and this recognition that everything they have is the Lord’s.”

Listen as Quenton shares

• His own journey from Hope International to Matter (formerly Hope for the City)

• The bigness of God’s “yes”

• How Quenton and the rest of the team guard against spiritual attack

• How to set up a ‘Pathways’ tour to experience the reality of poverty

• Why hope is such a powerful force in demolishing walls of indifference, despair, loneliness, contempt, greed, and selfishness

Susie and Quenton explore the concept of an awakening – a strong movement within the Church to “put feet to our faith” and give in radical love to those who have real needs. Quenton says, looking at the Twin Cities, there’s evidence that it’s already started.

“These larger corporations in town want to get involved in serving. There’s something happening in the younger generation… It’s the millennial generation that really has this hunger for hands-on, get-your-hands-dirty service. It’s our hope and prayer to start a resourcefulness movement to serve others, to forward God’s kingdom.”

Key Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 15:58;  Matthew 25:34-40

Theme Song: Love Take Me Over by Steven Curtis Chapman

Highlight : Hope for the city

Hope for the city