Jesus went to prepare a place for us – but what is that place going to be like? Listen as Susie welcomes evangelist Anne Graham Lotz back to the program. We explore what the Bible says about heaven, life after death, and Jesus’ promise to return for His people.

Here is an excerpt from Anne’s book: “As I watch all that our forefathers fought and died for being dismantled and discarded, I’d be deeply discouraged except for one thing: like a ray of sunlight, the hope of heaven breaks forth in my heart. This life is not all there is. This world is not my home. somewhere out there, Jesus is preparing a place for me… I’m on my way to my Father’s house. Join me.”

In Anne’s book, Heaven: My Father’s House, she paints a breathtaking picture of what heaven looks like.

“There will be no more betrayals or backstabbings, slander or sex-trafficking, lies or liars. There will be no more hospitals, death, or funerals, walkers, canes, or wheelchairs; ventilators, respirators, or IVs. There will be no more suicide bombers or fiery infernos, broken homes or broken hearts, broken lives or broken dreams… There will be no more cancer or chemo or radiation; tumors or tremors or terrorizing trauma. There will be no more war.”

She and Susie also explore other aspects of heaven, a place that is

• Prepared especially for you

• The home you have always wanted

• A home that will keep you and your loved ones from all harm and danger

• Built to last

• A good investment

• Paid for by our Father Himself

• A place where we will live with Him forever

Anne says not to let fear overcome us in this life – we’re going to a better place, “and the only way we have that is through Jesus Christ.”

Anne’s other books include The Magnificent Obsession, Why?: Trusting God When You Don’t Understand, and Wounded By God’s People: Discovering How God’s Love Heals Our Hearts.

Key Scriptures: Daniel 5; John 14:1-6; Revelation 21

Theme Song: New Jerusalem by Matt Gilman

Highlight : No need to fear death

Heaven, our Father’s house

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