How can we engage with unbelievers and share our faith in a winsome way?

Listen to Susie’s discussion with Holly Melton of Cru on hearing from the Holy Spirit. We talk about how to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading when it comes to sharing the gospel.

Here are a few topics Holly touches on:

•  How to share your faith without being pushy or preachy.
•  Why every Christian is meant to be an evangelist.
•  What happened when Holly shared the gospel with a vampire.
•  How to affirm partial truths in someone’s worldview.
•  The differences between convictions, persuasions, and opinions.
How to bring up Jesus with a longtime friend or family member.

Many of us struggle with the idea of talking to a stranger. Holly suggests a few things hold us back from being willing to engage an unbeliever – fear of man, fear of not having the right answers, or apathy. When we spend time with God, our hunger for talking with unbelievers increases and our fear of man decreases. The Holy Spirit will give us, in the moment, the right words, so we never need to enter a conversation with faith “all figured out.” Holly suggests that we start by asking questions to get the other person thinking and share what Jesus has done in our own lives, instead of trying to unpack the doctrine of the Trinity.

What happens when God prompts us to talk about Him and we ignore His leading? Holly shares a story of being prompted to pray for her unbelieving neighbor but deciding not to, out of fear. The next day the Holy Spirit convicted her, and she went down and prayed with the woman. In Holly’s words, “Sometimes it’s not a lost chance. You can go back and still take that step of faith!” It’s important to remember that the Christian life is an adventure, and God will constantly bring opportunities into our day to talk about Him to those around us. We need to be ready when those moments come to ask the Holy Spirit for help. He’s our helper and guide and stands ready to teach us.

Holly’s book is .

Key Scriptures: John 16:7, 13; 1 Peter 3:15-16

Theme Song: The Same Power by Worship Central

Highlight : Hearing the Holy Spirit

Hearing the Holy Spirit

This program originally aired on November 15.