How can we pray over current events as Christians? On this edition of Live the Promise Craig von Buseck is back to talk about engaging the world and culture in Grace and Truth. We unpack the recent events in the news and look at what God is doing in our world today.

The regard to the spread of ISIS Craig says,

“I’m being led to pray that God would give great wisdom to our leaders – our leaders need more wisdom now than they’ve needed since World War II. This whole thing with ISIS got out of control because we didn’t take seriously the threat. ISIS didn’t come from nowhere; they were part of Al Qaeda. [Al Qaeda] was so repulsed by the tactics of ISIS that they kicked them out. The eastern part of Syria doesn’t exist anymore; the western part of Iraq doesn’t exist anymore. Their goal is to take back what they lost in World War I; they’re doing this with amazing strategy. Right now we’re using airstrikes and missiles, but I think it will be inevitable that troops are needed.”

Craig urges Christians to funnel our energy into intercessory prayer.

“Agitate. Engage. Be involved. Don’t put your heads in the sand. We are facing the most perilous time since World War II, because what we’re seeing is the potential attack on the nation of Israel and civilization as we know it. We are facing the pulling-back of everything that has taken place in the last 1200 years of the advancement of civilization. There’s been a whole new thing unleashed in the world today spiritually, politically, militarily.”

How can we respond in faith? Craig says, it’s very simple.

“If we’ve trusted in horses and chariots instead of the name of our God, we need to repent. The only reason we’ve been strong as a nation is that we’ve put God first. If we turn away from that, I believe God will not provide the protection or provision that He’s provided here, and we will face the consequences.”

Key Scriptures: Isaiah 62:1; Psalm 122:6; John 16:1-3, 33

Theme Song: On Our Side by Lincoln Brewster

Highlight : Praying for Israel

Grace and truth: ISIS

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