How can we pray over current events? On this edition of Live the Promise Craig von Buseck is back to help us think biblically about the subpoena situation in Houston, the elections, and doctor-assisted suicide.

The crackdown in Houston
Craig calls this “as clear-cut a First Amendment fight as it can get.”

The city of Houston’s openly gay mayor reacted badly to some of the local pastors speaking out against homosexuality. Craig calls it the “back and forth tension” that’s been present in America from the very beginning.

“Our founding fathers very wisely set up our government with checks and balances so that no one group would have power over the other… what we’re seeing here is this back and forth between the homosexual community that feels attacked and the religious community that says this is a revelation from God. We in America say ‘we are a free country; we can do what we want.’ But every action has responsibility and ramifications.”

The mayor issued a subpoena for the sermons of a few pastors. In response, hundreds of pastors have flocked to Houston to support the pastors who have been subpoenaed. Craig says the short-term situation will have a positive outcome.

“It appears the mayor is backpedaling somewhat. If this continues it will go to the Supreme Court – based on all history, this mayor will lose.”

Pray for the homosexual community

Pray that we would reach out to them in love and relationship

Pray that we would hold to biblical values without becoming harsh or judgmental

The elections

“There is a pendulum in the United States. Every election [since 2000] has basically hinged on a handful of states – Ohio, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. This president has been the most activist liberal president in the U.S. history. A lot of people in America said yes, we want this change. I knew what we were in for.

Historians, when they look back at this, will see that [the process of implementing the Affordable Care Act] was not the best way to handle major legislation. A lot of people thought it was illegal. There are a lot of people who are disgruntled with President Obama; President Obama will be looked at by many as a lame duck president.”

Pray that God would turn the heart of the president and that America would be returned to a place of righteousness

Pray that God will guide our elected officials at the city, county, and state levels

Physician-assisted suicide
Craig shares his own experience watching his mother-in-law pass away from cancer.

“She received her diagnosis in November and passed away in February. There was a lack of comfort at times, a little bit of pain, but for the most part she was comfortable, surrounded by her family. In the end, the Lord took her very quickly. God’s grace is sufficient; as we put our trust in Him it’s amazing what He will do.”

It is a polarizing topic but we can look to Scripture to see how God values life. Should someone consider ending their life to avoid pain?

“I understand the position. However, I don’t believe it is a biblical decision and I don’t believe it is a faith decision, because ultimately I believe God can heal. God can heal those who are going through these situations… then again, I know that the grace of God is sufficient.”

Pray that those considering suicide would experience God’s grace to see Him and persevere as they walk through their suffering

Human trafficking
Craig urges us to pray to end slavery in our lifetime – and the fight is already underway.

“Human trafficking rings have been exposed – when you see one, there are probably thousands more. We need to realize there are more slaves in the world today than there ever have been in human history.”

Pray that God continues to expose the plans of the wicked through government action, law enforcement officers and detectives

Pray that God would protect the vulnerable

Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead us in how to pray


Key Scriptures: Acts 4:29-30; John 1:14-17; 1 Peter 2:19-23; Psalm 11:3; Proverbs 21:1

Theme Song: The Table by Chris Tomlin

Highlight : Praying in light of the midterm elections

Grace and Truth: Houston pastors, physician-assisted suicide, and the midterm elections

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