A common statistic in today’s culture is that fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce.

But is that actually true? Listen as researcher Shaunti Feldhahn returns to the program. We uncover myths, truths, and how to build a healthy marriage according to God’s original design! Shaunti’s new book is The Good News About Marriage.

Here’s what Shaunti learned in her research as she spent eight years gathering information:

•  The divorce rate is not 50%, in fact, the divorce rate has been declining in the past few decades.
•  The happiest couples in the country are couples who are married rather than living together.
•  53% of couples who have God at the center of their relationship rate the highest levels of happiness.
•  In 82% of couples, when one person is unhappy, the other is unaware.
•  Certain patterns and actions can change the climate of your marriage and the way you approach it.
•  Contrary to popular belief, marriage is not hard and grueling all the time, and small changes can make a huge difference in easing the burdens of the season.

Along with statistics on divorce, Shaunti found a number of patterns and practices for health couples who have built a strong marriage:

•  Don’t live together before marriage. Shaunti looked at several studies of cohabiting couples and found that living together increases your rate of divorce because the relationship is built on convenience rather than commitment. Shaunti says, we need to re-think this pattern. “Rather than test-driving the car, you’re breaking the car.”
•  Go to church together. Shaunti says doing this drops the divorce rate by about 25-50%.
•  Pray together.
•  Be intentionally affectionate. Research shows that physical connection builds a sense of happiness in a marriage, so hold hands, hug, and kiss each other good-bye!

Key Scriptures: Philippians 4:8

Theme Song: Together by Steven Curtis Chapman

Highlight : The myth of high divorce

The good news about marriage

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