When she was fifteen years old, Jennifer Rothschild lost her sight. Over the years, she’s prayed for healing. God has given her marriage, children, and a ministry to fellow believers, but God has not yet restored her sight. She shares her story and faith journey with Susie in her new book, God is Just Not Fair.

Susie and Jennifer unpack the tough questions of life and suffering. If God can heal, why doesn’t He?

Jennifer shares her own struggles with serving a God who has the power to heal her. Jennifer says, if God chooses to heal her, He is sovereign and merciful.

“But even if he doesn’t, He is no less merciful, and no less sovereign.”

She and Susie explore several aspects of walking through suffering:

•  The difference between knowing about God and knowing God.
•  Lessons Jennifer has learned in her time of darkness.
•  How to let go of bitterness and discontentment in suffering.
•  How, for Jennifer, blindness is “a tool in [God’s] arsenal of grace.”
•  What do to when your “blanket of faith” tears.
•  Why God’s presence is more valuable and satisfying than His answer.
•  Choosing to focus on the character of God. In Jennifer’s words,

“Life is hard enough living in the what-ifs. I want to live in the ‘what IS.'”

The 6 major questions of faith

God, are You fair?
God, do You err?
God, do You hear prayer?
God, do You care?
God, are You aware?
God, are You there?

Key Scriptures: 2 Corinthians 4:16-18; Psalm 103

Theme Song: Press On by Selah

Highlight : Clinging to God

God is just not fair

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3 Responses to "God is just not fair"

  • Rachel says:

    This program met me right where I am today and in the season of my life that God has me in. I am so grateful for faithful witnesses like this dear sister, Jennifer, to the grace and mercy and ultimate authority of our God. He has been faithful to meet me yet again today through this program. Blessings… and thanks!

  • Susie Larson says:

    Dear Philip,
    We sure loved having Jennifer on with us! Can’t wait to have her back on the show. Bless you and your family!

  • Philip says:

    Susie, this was so excellent. You are such a great facilitator of conversation. Powerful life changing truth shared here. Thank you so very much.

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