Our weapons of warfare are not of this world. But we are still called to battle. Listen to Susie’s powerful discussion with pastor Craig Groeschel of LifeChurch.tv. Craig uses the life of Samson in the Old Testament to show how we can misuse our physical strength but access our spiritual strength in his new book, Fight.

Craig says, though he wrote the book for men, many women have benefited from it by seeing how they can encourage and pray for the men in their lives. Men are wired to fight – because of the Fall, their strength has been marred and misapplied. They fight for possessions, for lust, or for their reputation. We see this in the life of Samson, a man who was called by God to protect and lead Israel but allowed his appetite for women and pride to steer his life. Craig unpacks these potholes in the life of a godly man that can derail his ministry:


Craig points out that real strength is strength of character. “You’re only as strong as you are honest.” When the natural instinct is to flee from hard conversations, God calls men to stand and fight for honesty. When the natural instinct is to flee from sacrifice and commitment, God calls men to stand and fight for stability. When the world lures men into sexual sin through pornography, God calls them to stand and fight for purity.

Craig also points out that every choice can lead us toward God or away from Him. Samson faithfully led Israel for twenty years, but he made one trip into a far city and began to slide away from the LORD. Craig says, men, don’t make these choices in isolation. Look to other godly men for accountability. “Let the strength of God through other people bring healing.”

Key Scriptures: Acts 20:24; Judges 13-16; James 4:7

Theme Song: Whom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies)

Highlight : Fight!


Image: Flickr

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